What is Single Sign-On (SSO) and how does it work? Mansoor Alam July 13, 2022

What is Single Sign-On (SSO) and how does it work?

What is Single Sign-On (SSO) and how does it work?

When you log in to websites every day, chances are you’re not just typing your name and password. You might be using single sign-on, which allows you to sign in once and then access all associated accounts.

Single Sign-On is a method for a user to log in once into one website and be automatically logged into all other trusted websites where SSO is enabled

Single sign-on allows users to identify themselves once and log into multiple applications without having to re-enter their credentials. Anyone who uses software and web applications that need authentication can use Single Sign On to gain access to applications.

How the Industry can implement AuthX to improve productivity

AuthX Single Sign-On plays a vital role in identity and access management solutions. With the help of Single Sign On, enterprises can provide their users with the chance to log into multiple web applications instead of assigning them with username and password for each application. Users will be able to move between apps without having to re-enter their credentials in this way. Thus, a user can save time and improve productivity by not having to type long complex passwords.   

Using a single sign-on system on any enterprise makes things more efficient and productive. Single sign-on is utilized for more than only getting access to online apps; it also authenticates users before granting them access. 

Implementing SSO with Identity and Access Management (IAM) 

The AuthX Identity Access Management (IAM) solution ensures that the user access permissions are determined based on the applications they have access to. This process of delegating access is carried out safely and without any friction between the admin and the user. 

Our AuthX IAM solution is a highly flexible, multi-tenant cloud environment that helps companies securely configure, deliver and manage their cloud applications via a single administration console, providing real-time control over user access to any application; 

Top 5 benefits of using Single Sign-On - AuthX

1. Reduces the risk of cyber-attacks. 

Implementing Single Sign On in your enterprise will reduce the risk of cyberattacks. Single Sign On will verify each and every user before allowing them to access the required web apps. Single Sign On comes with robust built-in software that authenticates users and devices based on any geolocation (remote or local servers). This helps the enterprise to prevent unwanted users, unauthorized identities, hackers, and all sorts of malware.  

2. Convenient and Passwordless authentication. 

Industries can use AuthX SSO to reduce the amount of time users/customers spend each time logging into web applications. Industry can utilize AuthX software to give customers with alternative authentication factors such as biometric, RFID, and mobile authentications instead of a written password. Enable AuthX in your business to see passwordless authentication for convenience and efficiency among your users. 

3. Increased adherence to password policies. 

Password resets are easier to accomplish with Single Sign On since users only have one password to change instead of several passwords across many apps and services. AuthX SSO allows IT teams to easily enforce password security policies by centralizing password management. AuthX enables the IT department to authorize policies that allow for frictionless authentication between users and admin. 

4. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). 

Multi-Factor Authentication is a user authentication technique that needs two or more verification criteria from the user. MFA is far safer than simply using a password. AuthX SSO allows you to enable MFA from a single location rather than having to do it for dozens of apps. SSO + MFA is far more effective than Single Sign On alone in terms of securing user accounts. AuthX MFA provides enterprises with multiple authentication factors such as biometric, mobile authentication (OTP, TOTP), Push notification, RFID and more.  

5. Reduces IT Costs. 

With Single Sign On, The IT department will be able to spend less time assisting users in remembering or resetting passwords for multiple applications. Single Sign-On  is a sophisticated feature that helps the IT department to reduce costs and keep control over their network. It also helps to increase productivity of end users, who no longer need to enter credentials every time they use an application. 

How AuthX provides SSO Solutions 

For many people, signing into their various accounts throughout the day is a necessary but irritating part of their work. Most people need to log into three or four different accounts. If each account requires a unique password, your information can easily be compromised if you reuse the same password on different sites. AuthX Single sign-On helps solve this problem by allowing users to access multiple websites with a single password. 

AuthX SSO offers is a centralized identity management solution that eliminates the need for individual logins and passwords by leveraging existing Single Sign On credentials and deploying multiple authentication methods and securing your workstation.  

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