Cutting-Edge Authentication Technology for Safeguarding Your Health Data

Providing secure solutions that empower healthcare professionals to deliver efficient and patient- centered care.
Healthcare shiva reddy November 3, 2021

Revolutionize Your Healthcare Organization

Efficiently and securely sign electronic prescriptions using physician’s biometrics. AuthX meets DEA protocols to provide multiple authentication factors that work best for you. Using multiple authentication factors for healthcare helps you protect your patients’ sensitive information and ensures only authorized individuals are able to log into your portal and access crucial data.


Allow healthcare staff to access and verify sensitive information using their biometrics. Through the use of fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and other technologies, biometric authentication in healthcare makes logging into your system simpler and more secure. Most people typically log into a patient portal regularly enough to remember their logins and passwords, making the process more frustrating and complicated than it needs to be.


Reduce time spent with cumbersome login routines with our Delegated Access and single sign-on  solutions for healthcare.