AuthX Partnership Program

Join the growing list of AuthX partners and explore the many benefits you’ll get when teaming up with us.

Log in across the AuthX
platform with just a tap

Access your workstation or web apps using a simple RFID card
or token. Quick and easy with no more passwords to remember.
RFID user November 3, 2021
RFID Authentications for any use case

Enroll your proximity or contactless smart cards once and you can authenticate across your enterprise, to any computer or app. Utilize your existing credential infrastructure by enrolling your current badges, saving cost and reducing impact on users.

Multi-Factor Authentication at its Finest

Combine RFID credentials with a password for a 2FA solution or use with other modalities in a full multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. Make passwordless desktop access easy for your users with tap-in/tap-out authentication, saving time without sacrificing security.

Flexible workflows using RFID tokens

AuthX doesn’t just enable access to devices or the AuthX portal, it also allows credential passing into existing web apps using our Single Sign-On (SSO) connectivity. Discover our integrations that can work with RFID.


Whether you need a desktop solution or something more mobile, AuthX has the readers that will work for you.