Secure Remote Access Solutions

AuthX remote access solutions enable you to automatically verify your identity and gain trust in your devices regardless of the environment.
Remote Access Management Ashwin Salunke October 26, 2023

Remote Access

Today’s workforce is increasingly reliant on remote infrastructure, and Gartner reports that after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, 88 percent of organizations worldwide required or encouraged workers to work from home.

As a result, we require a solution that can protect us on both remote and on-premises servers. With AuthX secure remote access solutions for businesses, you can protect your identity, control your devices, and authenticate from anywhere and at any time.

In addition to remote access control, use AuthX multi-factor remote access authentication to strengthen system security and make it impervious to unauthorized authentication.

AuthX Remote Access

The Advantages Remote Access

Benefits of remote access for user and device management include:
AuthX enables users to achieve a better work-life balance by enabling more flexible work arrangements.
IT support costs can be reduced by remotely monitoring software on individual devices
AuthX provides powerful security solutions for both local and cloud servers.
The AuthX cloud architecture is end-to-end encrypted and secured with the best authentication in the industry.
Support for all major protocols

Supporting All Major Protocols

To protect your remote access in any setting, AuthX provides connectors for SSH, RDP, and RADIUS protocols. Secure your network using our cloud offering or an on-premises deployment with our hybrid cloud approach.

Hackers Must Be Stopped

Prevent lateral server movement by requiring MFA at each step. By authorizing and authenticating remote users without increasing friction, you can embrace true Zero Trust.
Stop hackers in their tracks
Integrate with any browsers and devices

Compatibility With All Browsers and Devices

AuthX remote access software for business is compatible with any browser and any device, including Chromebooks, Macs, and iPads. AuthX integration yields the best results when it comes to BYOD integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

With great power comes great responsibility, and AuthX is designed to manage authentication, device access control, and identity in any environment (local and remote) securely and without friction.

Yes, regardless of the user’s geolocation, you can generate reports for every authentication and login attempt using the AuthX software.

AuthX implementation is simple and adapts quickly to any contextual conditions, whether in the cloud or on a remote server.

With AuthX Mobile, users can remotely lock and unlock workstations using the AuthX mobile app.

Additional Platform Features


Mobile Enabled Desktop Access

Desktop access through mobile

Delegated Access

Remote user access to servers must be secure.

Remote Device management

Remote access is used to manage devices.

Analytics and Reports

Continually monitor user and admin activities