Explore Integrations with a Variety of Third-Party Applications

Everything from cloud computing to network security is covered. Integrate with AuthX to secure your applications and simplify user access.
Apps Ashwin Salunke April 14, 2022
AuthX Network Makes it Simple to Integrate Your Applications
Integrate your applications with AuthX and industry-leading connectors, such as SAML and SCIM, for faster provisioning, more secure connections, and better authentication.
Applications can be integrated quickly and securely.
Superior security for all apps that use AuthX.
AuthX provides instant authentication and complete control over all apps.
Small investment for large-scale integrations.
MFA and SSO for secure app access management

Secure, Simple, and Stress Free with Two-Factor Authentication

Access workstations with ease using a mobile-enabled authentication factor.
Instead of typing a long password, use mobile authentication factors to login.
To access your workforce, use any two or more of the following methods: SMS, phone call, push notification, or offline login.
Secure simple and swift two factor authentication through smartphones
Simplified App Management
Login to your favorite apps and manage them all from the AuthX portal. HAVING TROUBLES ? 
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Frequently Asked Questions

AuthX employs biometric, mobile authentication, hardware token, and RFID authentication methods.

Yes, you can get instant reports for all user and application activities via the AuthX portal.

Admins have seamless access to generate reports for login timings, monitor user time spent on an app, and govern and control user permissions for applications integrated with AuthX.

Mobile-Enabled Desktop Access (MEDA) is a system that allows you to lock and unlock your desktop using the AuthX mobile app.