One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication

Integrating OTP authentication solutions into applications or security infrastructure can boost data protection and provide peace of mind for administrators, end-users, and customers. By using hardware tokens or mobile phones to deliver OTPs, businesses can both secure user access and safeguard workstations. Not sure where to get started? AuthX can help.

One Time Password Ashwin Salunke October 26, 2023

OTP Authentication Can Be Obtained in Several Ways

Customers have the option of authenticating with one-time passwords (OTP) either through voice call or SMS, thanks to AuthX. The AuthX mobile app accepts generic Authenticator codes and keeps all of your OTPs in one location for convenience (TOTP).

Authentication via SMS

To securely access your workstation and applications, receive an OTP passcode via SMS on your registered mobile number using the AuthX Mobile App. As an OTP SMS service provider, AuthX lets you authenticate without having to remember passwords by using mobile authentication.

Discover more about AuthX workstation security and how the AuthX mobile app’s capabilities are used to improve user identity.

One-Time Password
Optimize OTP via Phone Call

Enhance OTP Via Phone Call

Select the Call option to securely access your workstation, where an automated voice will notify the user of the OTP and allow the user to access workstations and applications without difficulty. Users can strengthen their authentication systems by combining two or more authentication factors.

Timed One-Time Password (TOTP)

In the AuthX mobile app, a new TOTP is generated every 30 seconds, which users can use to verify their identity and securely access their system. TOTP-enabled workstation access is faster, safer, and compatible with existing user devices. Learn more about Mobile Authentication and how it can be used to boost Workstation Security by combining multiple authentication factors.


Utilizing Secure Hardware Token Authentication

OTP hardware tokens are far more secure than written passwords. Log in using hardware tokens, a small device that generates OTP for secure workstation authentication.

AuthX employs Symantec and YubiKey hardware tokens to provide TOTP password authentication across your organization, protecting desktop access and securing your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) will generate an OTP every 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, a new OTP will be generated, allowing the user to securely authenticate.

You can use RFID smart cards to authenticate any computer or application across your enterprise. You can save money and reduce user impact by registering your existing badges.

Yes, users can configure more than two authentication factors to gain access to their workstation.

Passcode enables you to access accounts even if your device is not connected to the internet

OTP helps secure systems by generating a one-time password comprised of numeric or alphanumeric characters. This password is then entered by users to gain access to a specific service or application. These passwords can be provided via hardware tokens or SMS messages and can be used only once.

There are three types of OTPs:

  • SMS/text — OTPs are sent to mobile devices via SMS or text messages.
  • Time-based passwords — Time-based passwords are generated on preset schedules to provide streamlined access for users.
  • Phone calls — Phone calls are made on request to provide a one-time password.

Additional Platform Features

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Biometric Authentication
Biological characteristics used for identification
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Offline Login
When you're not connected to the internet, you can log in using a QR code.