Remote Device Management Software

Remote device management (RDM) gives remote users access to web applications and workstations.

Remote Device Management Ashwin Salunke July 4, 2022

Remote Device Management

IT administrators can use AuthX Remote Device Management software to manage devices, troubleshoot issues, manage apps, and restrict access to unwanted data from a single platform. The Remote device management features of AuthX allow remote control, monitoring, and regulation of mobile devices, workstations, and tablets in an organization.

Control, Monitor, & regulate devices through remote.
Authenticate user and devices remotely.

Manage Devices and Authenticate Users From Anywhere and at Any Time

Remote monitoring management is one of the top priorities for developing a secure enterprise workforce. AuthX Reports and Alerts provide detailed information on which devices have been assigned to the user and what application access they have.

Respond to Emerging Threats or Risks

AuthX enables network administrators to secure their architecture by disabling desktop access on specific devices, whether it’s a lost laptop or an insider threat. The built-in AuthX program safeguards your computer against malware attacks.
Respond to threats or risks as they emerge
AuthX zero trust policy for additional security system.

Increase Device Controls to Enable Zero Trust

Worry less about BYOD or remote access because AuthX’s remote device management platform extends security all the way down to the end user device. Access to organizational resources can be easily disabled from a single central management portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

AuthX’s remote device management system is a web-based interface that allows you to manage and control multiple devices from a single account.

AuthX provides a variety of secure authentication methods, including biometric authentication. Using mobile phones, you can authenticate by sending an OTP to your registered mobile number, receiving a push notification, or using RFID. 

The strong security system of AuthX’s remote access device management solutions protects users and their devices from cyberattacks by preventing them from accessing malicious online apps or emails.

Using the AuthX Reports and Analysis feature, generate reports for all user identities and user access over device management.

Additional Platform Features

Delegated Access
Govern and control access over user’s identities.
Mobile Enabled Desktop Access
Desktop access through mobile
Remote Access
Remote user access to servers must be secure.
Remote Device management
Remote access is used to manage devices.