Transforming Security with Identity and Access Management (IAM)

With AuthX’s IAM integration, your company can provide a turnkey solution for providing effective authentication to existing users.
Identity And Access Management Ashwin Salunke October 26, 2023

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and access management (IAM) policies are those that are used to manage user identities and control their access to the company. It also includes user onboarding and offboarding, permission authorization, and granting user access to enterprise assets and workstations. IAM Solutions can manage identities not only locally (on local servers), but also remotely, thanks to cloud computing (cloud servers).

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Organizations that manage hundreds of user accounts, passwords, official records, and sensitive data are vulnerable to cyberattacks. By integrating multifactor authentication into IAM, you can prevent your organization from being hacked and experience seamless security by adding two or more authentication factors.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
The user can authorize access to multiple Web applications using a single credential by using single sign-on. AuthX IAM ensures that user access permissions are determined by the applications to which they have access. This process of delegating access is done safely and without causing any friction between the administrator and the user.

One Digital Identity

Using strong biometrics, connect your existing users’ digital identities to their physical identities. Your Identity and access management system manages each user’s digital identity, which is used for secure access anywhere AuthX integrates.

Identity and Access Management
Cloud Identity and Access Management

Simple Access in Timeless Ways 

Accelerate AuthX deployment and quickly add our security layer to your organization. With our SCIM support, rapid provisioning becomes even more simple, allowing you to add multifactor authentication with the click of a button.

The AuthX team can also collaborate with you on custom Identity and access management solutions that are tailored to your needs.

The Benefits of Identity and Access Management (IAM) For Your Business

Manually provisioning employees takes several hours for each IT department. AuthX Identity and access management automates employee authorization, saving both administrators and users time.

Cyberattacks are more likely in organizations with a large number of user accounts and fewer security systems. Integrate with AuthX IAM Solutions now to secure your web application authentication process with MFA and SSO as an added security layer.

The traditional method of entering the username and password for each application takes a long time. Users can securely access multiple applications with a single username and password and one login method thanks to AuthX Identity and Access management.

IAM Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

AuthX Identity and Access management employs advanced biometric technology such as face and finger recognition. OTP, TOTP, and push notifications can all be used with mobile authentication. You can also use a hardware token to authenticate.

Authenticator Apps significantly increase the security of your accounts. Most people do not use secure passwords, leaving your account vulnerable to hackers. As a result, authenticator apps must provide strong cybersecurity protection to all web applications that are integrated with them.

  • Reduced password fatigue
  • Reduced login time between apps
  • Complete security
  • Frictionless login

Sign up for AuthX here. Enter your user credentials and select the most appropriate authentication method.

Additional Platform Features


Workstation Security

By adding security to your workstation, you can protect sensitive data and information from malware and unauthorized access.

Multifactor authentication

MFA implementation will result in increased security and, ultimately, a less stressful user experience.
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Single Sign-On

With a single login credential, you can easily authenticate to multiple web applications.