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Modern Authentication & Identity for
Law Enforcement

Enhance the security & productivity of your law enforcement organization with flexible, CJIS-compliant MFA modalities & optimized workflows.

Fulfill Your CJIS MFA Requirement with AuthX!

Are you ready to meet the CJIS MFA requirement effective from October 1, 2024? Failure to comply could result in denial of access to the FBI’s CJIS resources. AuthX supports CJIS requirements for MFA without phones, providing flexibility and security for your organization

CJIS Compliant MFA Factors & Modalities Offered by AuthX

Ensure CJIS compliance with AuthX’s flexible authentication options to suit your agency’s unique needs. Our platform supports various device types and workflows across multiple operating systems, providing versatility and security in authentication.
RFID/NFC badge tap
Meet MFA needs without AuthX app installation on personal phones and experience convenient access with a badge tap.
Facial biometrics
 Secure authentication using facial recognition technology.
Mobile push
Instant authentication via push notification on your mobile device.
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Mobile Face Verify
Verify your identity using facial recognition on your mobile device.
Remote Unlock

Unlock devices remotely from your mobile device for seamless access.

Download our CJIS Booklet to explore how AuthX helps you adhere to CJIS standards, upholding robust security and user convenience. 


Why AuthX MFA is Crucial for CJIS Compliance

AuthX Benefits

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Enhancing security with multiple authentication
What is Single Sign-On (SSO) and how does it work?
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Streamlining multiple resource access with a single login. 
IAM utlize Facial Recognition to verify user identity.
Identity Access Management (IAM)
Managing user identities and access securely.
Workstation Security
Ensuring security for workstations by implementing zero trust to protect sensitive information.

Balanced Security & User Experience

AuthX prioritizes security and user experience, offering the best MFA methods to meet CJIS compliance while minimizing disruption to agency operations. Our platform ensures a balanced approach that prioritizes both security and usability.