Adapt to digital identities & access management using AuthX IAM

With AuthX’s IAM integration, your organization can offer a turnkey solution to provide effective authentication with their existing users.

IAM Ashwin Salunke April 14, 2022
Identity Access Management (IAM)

The term identity and access management (IAM) refers to policies used to manage user identities and control their access to the company. It also includes onboarding and offboarding users, authorizing permission, and granting user access to the enterprise assets and workstation. Cloud computing enables IAM to manage identities not only locally (on local servers) but also remotely (cloud servers).

AuthX IAM: Authenticate through MFA

Cyberattacks pose a threat to organizations that maintain hundreds of user accounts, passwords, official records, and sensitive data. With AuthX IAM, you can prevent your organization from getting hacked by integrating multifactor authentication into IAM and experience seamless security by adding 2 or more authentication factors.

AuthX IAM: Authorize using SSO

By using single sign-on, the user can authorize access across multiple Web applications using a single credential. AuthX IAM ensures that the user access permissions are determined based on the applications they have access to. This process of delegating access is carried out safely and without any friction between admin and the user.

One Digital Identity

Link your existing users’ digital identities with their physical identities using strong biometrics. Each user has one digital identity managed by your IAM system & used for secure access anywhere AuthX integrates.

Take the Necessary Steps in Generating a Secure IAM Environment

Speed up the deployment of AuthX & quickly add our security layer to your organization. With our SCIM support, rapid provisioning becomes even easier to add multifactor authentication with the touch of a button.

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The AuthX team can also work with you on custom IAM solutions that fit your use case.

How can your organization benefit from AuthX IAM

Saves time

For every IT department, manually provisioning employees takes several hours for enrollment. Automating employee authorization with AuthX IAM saves both administrators and user’s time.

Enhanced security

Companies with a large number of user accounts and fewer security systems are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Integrate now with AuthX IAM and secure your authentication process to web applications with MFA and SSO as an added security layer.

Increases productivity

The traditional method of entering username and password for each and every application takes a lot of time. Thanks to AuthX IAM, users can securely access multiple applications with a single username and password using one login method.

Frequently asked questions

AuthX uses advanced Biometric technology like face and finger identification. With mobile authentication, OTP, TOTP, and push notification can be used. You can also authenticate using Hardware token

• Shortened login time between apps
• Complete security
• Frictionless login
• Reduced password fatigue

Authenticator Apps make your accounts much more secure. Most people don’t use safe passwords, and that makes your account vulnerable to hackers. As a result, authenticator apps are required to create strong cybersecurity protection to all the web applications integrated with it.

Register for AuthX here. Enter your user credentials and use the best authentication solution.

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