Frictionless Authentication with Multiple Authentication Factors

The AuthX platform allows for one, secure digital identity in a hybrid cloud architecture. Enroll your users once and they can authenticate anywhere. Powerful Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be used anytime and anywhere, supporting cutting edge modalities like mobile biometrics, hardware tokens, and RFID.

AuthX Overview shiva reddy November 4, 2021

Stay Protected with Advanced Compliance alongside AuthX

AuthX adheres to some of the most advanced certifications in the industry. AuthX provides you with an ISO 27001, HITRUST and PCI-DSS compliant authentication platform. With AuthX, you can improve your organization’s enterprise security and reduce risk.

AuthX Advanced Compliance Protection
Affordable Solution in the Industry

Inexpensive for you and your organization

AuthX provides some of the most affordable solutions in the authentication industry. Our scalable product suite lets you choose the solutions you need, which means the total cost of AuthX fits your organization at any size. AuthX is an efficient and affordable platform with a low cost of ownership and no startup cost.