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AuthX Overview Ashwin Salunke July 4, 2022
Experience Frictionless Authentication

Bringing Frictionless Authentication Methods in the Palm of Your Hands

The AuthX platform enables a single, secure digital identity in a hybrid cloud architecture. Enroll your users once, and they can authenticate anywhere. Powerful Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be used at any time and from any location, and it supports cutting-edge modalities such as biometrics, mobile authentication, hardware tokens, and RFID.

An Authentication Platform That Goes to Great Lengths to Protect Your Data

AuthX adheres to some of the industry’s most advanced certifications. AuthX provides an authentication platform that is ISO 27001, HITRUST, and PCI-DSS compliant. You can improve enterprise security and risk management with AuthX (Enable Zero Trust with Workstation Security | AuthX).

AuthX Zero Trust policy and with advanced certification.
Inexpensive for you and your organization

Inexpensive For You and Your Organization

AuthX provides some of the most affordable solutions in the authentication industry. Our scalable product suite lets you choose the solutions you need, the overall cost of AuthX is optimal for any size enterprise. AuthX is an efficient and affordable platform with a low cost of ownership and no startup cost.

AuthX SSO Overview

Secure your online web applications with AuthX SSO, regardless of where your servers are located (Cloud or Local). With open connectors like SAML, OpenID, and OAuth, you can connect with multiple web applications seamlessly and without getting hacked.

AuthX SSO Overview

Manage Devices with AuthX

Control device authentication and deliver a seamless BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution with AuthX. Integrate your computer with the AuthX application and authenticate through mobile. Make your workplace more secure by using a biometrics authentication system.

Frequently Asked Questions

AuthX eliminates the need for passwords by allowing you to choose from a variety of authentication factors that are most convenient for you and safely access your system.

AuthX offers solutions for both identity management and device access control, to any enterprise, regardless of its size.

With Zero Trust Security as the policy integrated with AuthX, perform seamless multi-factor authentication to any devices or applications securely.

With just single login method and with the best open standard connectors, gain access to multiple web applications with AuthX SSO.