Frictionless Login with the AuthX Mobile App

Utilize the AuthX mobile app to smoothly log into your desktop or favorite apps with the push of a button. Never remember a password again.

Mobile Authentication user October 25, 2021
Manage notifications on your phone for frictionless access

Make Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) a seamless part of your workflow with authentication methods available directly on your mobile device.

Simplify authentication with the AuthX mobile app

Secure your on-prem and cloud applications with your device using a range of authentication factors. With AuthX Single Sign-On (SSO) and the AuthX mobile app, you can authenticate from anywhere.
Extend your security policy to the mobile device.

With powerful admin controls, enforce Zero Trust principles by only allowing authorized devices to authenticate users. With the AuthX mobile app, admins can check for the latest updates, see if the user’s mobile device has been tampered with and much more.

Download today to start authenticating anytime, anywhere with a simple push to your mobile device.

30-days free trial

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