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Purpose and Passion

Be part of something that is changing the world

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Our Story

The AuthX story begins over a decade ago, when the head of a payment company questioned why we still have passwords. In 2011, our Founder set out to eliminate passwords and fraud via biometric and multi-factor authentication technologies.

A new way of authenticating is born

Years ago, our team wrote the first line of code to create a new web-based platform that brings security, visibility, and trust to authentication. We applied payment processing logic to build the solution, utilizing secure development practices, scalability, and resiliency to create the platform we have today.

With millions of end users and tens of thousands of outlets utilizing our technologies daily, AuthX is the leader in SaaS-based multi-factor authentication offerings.

Authenticating the World™

AuthX has over 100 full-time developers dedicating to improving authentication security and the end-user experience. From biometrics to security architecture, the AuthX development team is constantly looking to grow. Our business operations have scaled with the massive demand for authentication technologies, and AuthX seeks to bring on motivated individuals in this area as well.