Offering a Variety  of Authentication Factors

Because AuthX operates in real-world conditions, your authentication strategies can withstand real-world threats.
Authentication Factors Overview Ashwin Salunke July 4, 2022

Customize Your User Verification Experience

Customize your physical and digital security strategies by selecting the authentication factors that best suit your environment across various standards, applications, and more.
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Biometric Authentication

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One-Time Password (OTP)


Smart Card

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Integrate and Deploy Authentication Solutions with Ease

Integrate multiple modes of identity verification into your existing processes and infrastructure with AuthX. Check out our solutions in action.

Authentication Factors We Offer

Mobile Authentication

Integrate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) directly into your workflow by utilizing multiple authentication factors available on your mobile device.

Login easily with the AuthX mobile app via push notification

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OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS or phone call.. Learn More
AuthX mobile app allows you to access your workstation using TOTP codes. Learn More
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Biometric Authentication

Biometric Identification

AuthX recognizes a wide range of biometric factors, including the face and finger. You can link your biometrics to your digital identity and authenticate through your workstation once you’ve entered them into the system.

Use facial authentication for faster and safer authentication.

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Biological characteristics that are unique for secure authentication.

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One-Time Password (OTP)

Receive OTP on mobile phones and hardware tokens with AuthX, and enable secure workstation authentication.

OTP is sent to the registered mobile number for secure authentication. 

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For authentication, use Yubikey and Symantec hardware tokens.

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One Time Password

RFID & Smart Card Reader

AuthX offers the best RFID solutions with smart cards and RFID readers.

 Tap-in and Tap-out with your RFID proximity card to securely access your workstation.

RFID readers enable seamless authentication by being adaptable to any hardware and software platforms.

Offline Log In

When your computer does not have an internet connection, use AuthX Offline Login mode to authenticate. To get the authentication codes and gain access to your computer, select the Offline option on your screen and scan the QR code
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Offline mode is designed to work both with and without an internet connection.

Two or more authentication factors can be used to facilitate authentication.

During authentication, a One-Time Password (OTP) is sent to your registered mobile number. We’ll get it via SMS, phone call, and hardware token. TOTP codes are generated automatically in the AuthX mobile app. Every 30 seconds, these codes are generated.

Tap your smart card or proximity card into an RFID Reader to gain access to your workstation. To log out of your computer, follow the same steps.

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Biometric Authentication
Biometric Authentication

Biological characteristics for authentication

Mobile Authentication

Authenticate using AuthX push notification


External Hardware token for authentication.

One-Time Password
One Time Password

Authenticate using OTP or TOTP

Offline Login

Authenticate via QR code when