Authentication Logs & User Activity Reports

AuthX user activity reports can be used to analyze user and admin activity as well as to perform seamless audits for any user in your organization.

Reports, Alerts & Dashboard Ashwin Salunke July 4, 2022

AuthX Reports, Audit and Authentication Logs

The reports feature on the AuthX dashboard enables the company to monitor user and admin activity. It enables you to create reports on the event’s status as well as the user’s current authentication factor.

Access to specific report logs and authentication logs can be restricted by administrators. Set up alerts to detect suspicious activity and limit user access to keep your business safe.

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The Benefits of Reports and Analytics

There is no friction between the user and the administrator.

The AuthX portal's user interface is designed so that users can easily navigate and access reports.

Instantly generate authentication reports for both the user and the administrator on both on-premises and cloud servers.

Deliver the best results and receive accurate reports for every user authentication attempt.
Change authentication options and delegate user access to specific applications at any time.

Easy Access to Both User and Admin Activity Through the Portal

Admins can access various types of reports in the AuthX portal, including the Audit Log, Authentication Log, Communication Log, Directory Sync Log, and Denied Authentication Log. You can use this reporting as part of an enterprise information security strategy with our SIEM connector. Admins can also view productivity reports for their entire workforce. In addition to total authentications, see total active time for each enrolled machine.

Set Up Alerts to Monitor Suspicious Activity as Soon as it Occurs

Administrators can configure various types of conditional alerts based on contextual factors such as geographic location, network conditions, and device statistics. Set the frequency of your authentication failure reports in accordance with your organization’s risk policy

A Dashboard That Makes it Simple and Easy to Enroll and Manage Users

Our comprehensive dashboard serves as a one-stop shop for tracking authentication activities across your enterprise, identifying new users, and monitoring the various authentication factors in use.

Improving Data Visibility

Advanced reporting for all authentications and users is available to system administrators. Logins to linked external applications, denied authentications, registered biometrics and tokens, authentication factor distribution, and other features are included.

Allow Users to Manage Their Authentication Overview

Users can register their biometrics, devices, and other authentication factors for seamless login to online apps and desktops, as well as add or change authentication at any time.
Increase data visibility

Frequently Asked Questions

The Audit Log, Communication Log, Authentication Log, Directory Sync Log, and Denied Authentication Log are all generated by the report Log in AuthX. 

In Audit Log, find the user’s current status under the event status and the user log timings under the time stamp.

The application’s owner can control, delegate, and restrict admin access to applications.

Yes, AuthX generates strategic reports on the authentication factors used by users at any given time.

Additional Platform Features


Delegated Access

Govern and control access over user’s identities.

Mobile Enabled Desktop Access

Desktop access through mobile

Remote Access

Remote user access to servers must be secure.

Remote Device management

Remote access is used to manage devices