Provide Advanced
Insights into User and Admin Activity

Receive alerts about suspicious activity and maintain a secure environment

Reports, Alerts & Dashboard shiva reddy November 2, 2021
AuthX Multiple Logs and Reports
Easily access user and admin activity reports in the AuthX portal

In the AuthX portal, admins can access various types of reports such as Audit Log, Authentication Log, Communication Log, Directory Sync Log, and Denied Authentication log. With our SIEM connector you can use this reporting as part of an enterprise information security strategy.

Admins can also access productivity reports across their workforce. See total active time for each enrolled machine in addition to the usual metrics on total authentications.

Set up alerts to track suspicious activity as soon as it happens

Admins can set up different types of conditional alerts based on contextual factors including geographic location, network conditions, and device statistics. Choose the frequency of your alerts to fit your organization risk policy.

Easily enroll & manage users with the AuthX dashboard

Our holistic dashboard provides a one-stop-shop to track authentication activities across your enterprise, see new users, and monitor the different authentication factors in use.

Increase data visibility

System administrators can view advanced reporting for all authentications & users. This includes logins to linked external applications, denied authentications, registered biometrics & tokens, authentication factor distribution, & more.

Empower users to manage their authentication overview

Users can sign up & register their biometrics, devices, & other authentication factors

Advanced reporting Dashboard