RFID Authentication Solutions For Quick Proximity Logins

Using a simple RFID card or token, you can gain quick and easy access to your desktop or web apps. Integrate with RFID two-factor authentication and go passwordless.

Radio Frequency Identification Ashwin Salunke October 26, 2023

What is Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)?

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology where digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart cards are captured by an RFID reader via radio waves.

There are three major components of RFID: the RFID tag, the RFID reader, and the antenna. Using an antenna, the reader transmits signals to tags, which receive the information and retransmit it to the reader along with the data in their memory.


Advantages of using RFID


Deploy RFID readers around your organization to track progress, monitor real-time proximity logins, and boost efficiency.


RFID contactless authentication system can be helpful to industry to reduce costs and improve customer services.


RFID authentication solutions are designed to operate in extreme environments, including cold, heat, and wet conditions, both indoors and outdoors.


You can reuse RFID labels by deleting their stored data and replacing them with new data.

RFID authentications for any use case

Enroll your proximity or contactless smart cards once, and you can authenticate to any computer or app across your enterprise. By enrolling your current badges, you can save money and reduce the impact on users by utilizing your existing credential infrastructure.

Investigate how RFID can help with user IDs and device management when combined with AuthX Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Associate RFID with Multifactor Authentication

Combine RFID credentials with a password for a 2FA solution, or use with other modalities in a full multifactor authentication (MFA) solution. Make passwordless desktop access easy for your users with tap & go login and logout authentication, saving time without sacrificing security.

Explore Two-step Authentication factors and how these can combine to provide a robust authentication procedure.

Flexible Workflows using RFID tokens

AuthX not only provides access to devices and the AuthX portal, but also to existing web applications and all applications integrable with AuthX via Single Sign-On (SSO). Discover more about AuthX integrations and how they can be used with RFID to deliver a wide range of solutions.

Learn more about AuthX Single Sign-On Authentication factor and how industries can optimize SSO for seamless solutions.


Whether you need a desktop solution or something more mobile, AuthX has the readers that will work for you.

Frequently Asked questions

A proximity card is essentially a compact, contactless card made of durable PVC plastic with a metallic antenna coil for storing data. This card is used to get access to desired premises and facilities around your enterprise.

The RFID reader sends radio frequency signals continuously as soon as it is powered up. Readers energize RFID tags through electromagnetic induction when they are placed within their range of operation.

Using the WAVE reader for authentication, the IT organization will protect vital information while serving employees to safely move around the office with the guarantee of easy identification and access facilities.

For seamless authentication, two types of RFID Nano Readers are available at AuthX, both of which work at 125 MHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies.

Other Authentication Products

Mobile Authentication

Authenticate using AuthX push notification.

One-Time Password
One Time Password

Authenticate using OTP or TOTP

Biometric Authentication

Biological characteristics for authentication.

Offline Login

Authenticate via QR code when offline.