Deploy Multi-factor authentication to reduce costs & delegate access for users.

Using AuthX Delegated Access, add our fast MFA security to desktop access in multi-user environments.

Delegated Access shiva reddy November 3, 2021
AuthX Shared Workstations

Reduce device costs while increasing user productivity

Delegated access allows multiple users to access shared workstations using their own authentication profiles. Provide quick and simple desktop access without introducing additional risk.

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Maintain privacy and security even on shared resources

Reduce disruption in your mobile workforce with streamlined workflows. Allow users to quickly access shared workstations with their own authentication factors, all backed by AuthX’s strong auditing and logging.

Maintain HIPAA compliance on your system by providing individualized authentication profiles for each user and an audit trail for each login.

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Remote Device Management

Meet the needs of your organization

From healthcare to manufacturing, rotating workstations doesn’t need to mean a loss in productivity. With simple setup from the AuthX Admin Portal, allow specific groups to access only certain shared resources with existing authentication profiles.

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