Delegated User Authentication

AuthX Delegated Access allows you to add our quick MFA security to desktop access in multi-user environments.

Delegated Access Ashwin Salunke July 4, 2022

Delegated Access with AuthX

Admins have access to manage and control the authentication choices for individual users or groups of users through the AuthX interface. Delegation services can be utilized both locally (on-premises) and remotely (in the cloud) with AuthX. Delegated access is frequently used by businesses to grant their staff members unique access to internet applications.
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Advantages of Delegated Access

The advantages of using Delegated authorization services to configure user and admin authentication options.

To achieve work objectives, give tailored options to groups of people.

Simplify the authentication process and lessen conflict between the administrator and the user. 

An organization can boost productivity and deliver results on schedule thanks to AuthX.
Apps will be more secure if they use two or more authentication factors.

Delegated SSO (Single Sign-On) for Users to Access Easily

With AuthX Delegated SSO, you can create new user groups and grant them access to specific online applications without the need for a new license. AuthX allows you to create reports and conduct audits whenever and wherever you want.

SSO Delegated by AuthX

Delegated SSO
Reduce device costs while increasing user productivity

Boost User Productivity While Lowering Device Costs

Multiple users can access shared workstations using delegates and their individual authentication profiles. Access the desktop quickly and easily without increasing risk.

Maintain Your Privacy and Security Even When Using Shared Resources

With streamlined workflows, you can reduce disruption in your mobile workforce. Allow users to quickly access shared workstations using their own authentication factors, all while benefiting from AuthX’s robust auditing and logging. Maintain HIPAA compliance on your system by allowing each user to have their own authentication profile and an audit trail for each login.
AuthX auditing and logging for shared resources.
AuthX portal for every business needs

Meet the Goals and Objectives of Your Organization

From healthcare to manufacturing, rotating workstations do not have to result in decreased productivity. With a simple configuration from the AuthX Admin Portal, specific groups can access only specific shared resources using existing authentication profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Allow a user or a group of users to access specific options with AuthX to keep authorized and restricted resources separate among the users.

Delegated access enables users to quickly access shared workstations using their own multi-factor authentication.

No, a user’s authentication only grants access to his or her own files. It is impossible to access other people’s data when using a shared workstation. With the help of AuthX IAM, you can assign multiple users to the same workstation without jeopardizing data security.

You will find options such as Audit Log, Authentication Log, Communication Log, Directory Sync Log, and Denied Authentication Log under the reports section; select the required options to access authentication logs.

Additional Platform Features

Mobile Enabled Desktop Access

Desktop access through mobile

Remote Access
Remote user access to servers must be secure.
Remote Device management
Remote access is used to manage devices.
Report & Analytics
Continually monitor user and admin activities