Remote Desktop Access at Your Fingertips

Lock and Unlock your Desktop with the tap of a button on the AuthX mobile app.
Remote Lock Ashwin Salunke April 14, 2022
Know the current Status of your Workstation

There will be times you might have forgotten to lock your workstation when you leave your desk. Use the AuthX mobile app on your smartphone to check the status of your workstation and use the lock option if necessary. When you are not near your computer, AuthX will even notify you when it is unlocked, allowing you to lock it remotely.

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Unlock or Lock Your Workstation Whenever, Wherever

Stepping away from your workstation for a quick second? Quickly tap the Lock button on your AuthX mobile app and go on about your day. The same goes for unlocking your workstation when you return.

Learn more about various types of authentication factors and how they’re used to access workstation securely embedded with zero trust policy.

Walk Away From Your Desktop Securely

With AuthX’s Mobile Enabled Desktop Access (MEDA) solution, you can unlock and lock your desktop with the tap of a button on the AuthX mobile app. Instead of remembering a password, you can just use your phone for quick, effortless desktop access. Device details such as location, IP, and machine name ensure the correct device is identified.

Greater Control over your Workstation

It can be difficult to remember to lock your computer when stepping away for just a second, but now you can easily meet security best practices with greater control and less time wasted typing in a password. AuthX can even notify you when your computer is unlocked and you step away so you can lock it remotely.

Frequently asked questions

In Offline mode, the User can gain access to the workstation even though there is no Internet connectivity.

Only when the computer is connected to the internet can you lock and unlock it remotely via Mobile Enabled Desktop Access (MEDA).

Open AuthX mobile app, select the option “devices” in the top right corner, There you have an option called Device Status; it will represent the current status of your workstation.

AuthX provides a Delegation option, in which only the authorized individual can generate reports on user and admin activity and manage credentials and access to the application.

Once your device is connected to your AuthX mobile app, your Username, IP address, and location will be displayed.

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