Protect your data with
Multi-Factor Authentication

Increase security while decreasing friction for users & admins. Easy to deploy & adaptable for your workflows.

MFA user February 6, 2020
Multiple ways to authenticate seamlessly

With AuthX, users have a range of options to choose from when it comes to signing into their workstation – without ever needing to remember a password again.

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Choose from a range of authentication factors

Secure your information with various authentication mechanisms including desktop & mobile biometrics, push notifications, & tokens.

Authenticate through face and finger.

Verify your identity on your devices with the option to incorporate biometrics for extra security.

Receive a temporary code to log in.

Use physical tokens to gain access to platforms & devices.

Modernize & update security processes

Elevate your data privacy & safety by requiring multiple forms of identity verification using advanced authentication technology.

Analyze contextual factors to minimize threats

AuthX assesses different technical factors such as geographic location, connected networks & devices to verify user identity. By looking beyond just log-in credentials, your organization can mitigate the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

Embrace the shift to passwordless login

With an industry-leading selection of authentication factors, AuthX enables your workforce to move beyond the unreliable username & password methods used in the past.

Seamlessly integrate MFA into existing systems & procedures

All of AuthX’s authentication factors are easy to incorporate into external platforms & your own internal processes. With a true hybrid cloud approach, AuthX brings MFA to on-prem & cloud apps, & can be deployed in both types of environments. Through our connectors for different applications, workstation security, & remote access integrations, AuthX acts as a security bridge across your entire network.