Digital Prescription Signing with Increased Security

Validate your e-prescription signatures & stay compliant using AuthX Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with biometrics and more.

EPCS shiva reddy November 4, 2021
AuthX streamlines EPCS functions
Enhanced identity management, convenience, & security all in one solution? Your electronic prescription workflows have never been easier.

The AuthX EPCS (Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances) solution enables a secure, efficient electronic prescription process for providers. By leveraging AuthX Multi-Factor Authentication, your organization can choose from various authentication factors to verify provider identities & minimize forged prescriptions.

Paperless prescriptions help your organization modernize your procedures.

Transform your e-prescription practices
Secure Alternative to Paper based Prescription
Provide a secure alternative to paper prescriptions

Leverage advanced Multi-Factor Authentication technology with biometrics, hardware tokens, or mobile authentication.

Streamline Prescription Authentication Process
Simplify your EPCS workflows & save time

Streamline the prescription authentication process by offering options beyond hardware token, time-based one-time passwords, or Single Sign-On password devices.

Remote Device Management
Comply with DEA policies

Our EPCS protocol meets all DEA requirements to ensure rigorous levels of security.

Sign prescriptions using the authentication factor that works best for you
With our range of options for Multi-Factor Authentication, select from biometric screening, token & mobile factors for seamless identity verification.

Enrollment is easy for existing AuthX customers. Get started with the AuthX EPCS solution today!