Revolutionizing Controlled Substances Prescribing with EPCS

Incorporate a robust authentication method to safeguard your healthcare systems data and prevent fraud or abuse of prescriptions.
EPCS shiva reddy November 4, 2021

AuthX Simplifies EPCS Functions

Improved identity management, convenience, and security in a single solution? It’s never been easier to manage your prescription for controlled substances (EPCS) workflows.

The AuthX EPCS software  solution provides providers with a secure and efficient electronic prescription process. AuthX Multi-Factor Authentication allows your organization to select from a variety of of EPCS authentication factors to verify provider identities and reduce forged prescriptions.

Paperless prescriptions assist your organization in modernizing its procedures.

Transform Your E-Prescription Practices

Secure Alternative to Paper based Prescription
Offer a Safe Alternative to Paper Prescriptions

Leverage advanced Multi-Factor Authentication technology with biometrics, hardware tokens, or mobile authentication.

Streamline Prescription Authentication Process
Simplify and Save Time with EPCS Workflows

Streamline the prescription authentication process by offering options beyond hardware token, time-based one-time passwords, or Single Sign-On password devices.

Remote Device Management
Follow DEA Policies

Our EPCS certified software meets all DEA requirements to ensure rigorous levels of security.

Sign Prescriptions With the Authentication Method That is Most Convenient For You

Choose from biometric screening, tokens, and mobile factors for seamless identity verification with our Multi-Factor Authentication options.

EPCS solutions from Authx let you choose the authentication method that works best for your organization. For example, you might opt for token-based authentication if you’re able to provide secure storage for tokens when staff are not at work. If you have staff working remotely some or all of the time, meanwhile, mobile EPCS two-factor authentication may be the best fit.

Existing AuthX Customers Can Easily Enroll. Begin Using the AuthX EPCS Solution Right Away!

Frequently Asked Questions

EPCS is a DEA rule that allows providers to prescribe controlled substances electronically. As detailed under DEA Title 21, providers are responsible for ensuring the security of their EPCS systems. This includes registering with the DEA and using two-factor EPCS authentication to confirm the provider’s identity each time a prescription is issued.

Yes. Controlled substance prescriptions can be filed electronically so long as providers are using electronic prescribing technology that has been certified by a third-party certification organization.

States that require EPCS include California, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Utah, and Washington, while states such as Colorado, Illinois, and Michigan have EPSC mandates beginning January 1, 2023.