Secure Your Devices, Data, and Workforce

Providing new methods for users to secure their technologies through the implementation of multi-factor authentication and identity access management solutions in their workforce.

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Manage the Identities of Users and Devices

Manage user and device identities in accordance with current enterprise requirements. Users will be enrolled and deactivated with ease in enterprises that use AuthX.
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Providing the Most Secure Sign-In Solutions

Several authentication methods are available to users. Discover how easy it is to secure your workstation with multi-factor authentication.

Seamless Access is Critical in the Digital Age

AuthX incorporates the most recent authentication industry innovations to provide best-in-class information security.

AuthX protects you when you need it the most with the features listed below.

Use AuthX to implement the Zero Trust Security model by authorizing endpoints with unique authentication factors.
AuthX integrates with the most advanced hardware available and provides its own RFID readers.
AuthX's mobile app allows you to streamline identity verification processes by using secure push and mobile biometric authentications.
Get expert advice and support from the AuthX team anywhere in the world at any time, or contact our customer service team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Authentication Solutions for All Industries

Explore all of the features that AuthX has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

AuthX can be used by any organization that does not have an identity management system and does not have effective workstation security in an industry with sensitive data and information. Individuals who want to protect their web applications from unauthorized access can use AuthX authentications as well.

AuthX’s strong authentication technology protects you from unauthorized access and dangerous malware. To authenticate your device, it employs biometric features such as fingerprint and facial recognition, as well as mobile authentication. It works on both local and remote computers.

After installing the AuthX app on your mobile device, it enforces a strong authentication system in your workstation. AuthX mobile app offers advanced services such as Push Notification, SMS, TOTP, OTP, and Offline mode, which are used to access your system.