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Security like never before

AuthX provides powerful security features that will help you safeguard your data and information.

Go Passwordless

Say goodbye to long passwords with biometrics - the next-gen medium for accessing devices

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Simplified Governance

With admin tools - manage policies, application workflows & user management enabling security

Dwell into the Futuristic Identity Management Ecosystem

On-board with AuthX to eliminate compromisable authentications with end-to-end encrypted Multi- Factor Authentications, to protect sensitive information.

Take Charge of your "Digital Identity & Access Management"

In the past, a single user had to log in to many applications using multiple credentials.

Now, thanks to AuthX Single Sign-On, you can sign in to any application using a single username and password.

Technologies used in AuthX SSO.

Data security should be a top priority for every business. AuthX has implemented Multifactor Authentication to integrate with web applications.

AuthX Identity Access Management policy allows organizations, business partners, remote users, as well as mobile users, to have secure access, regardless of their location.

“Escape the ordinary” with AuthX’s powerful Workstation Security module and Zero Trust Policy implemented for organizations to have safe access over all devices.

Access your workstation with the following methods:

Multiple Ways to Create & Implement Secure Authentication

AuthX offers modular solutions so you can choose an authentication approach that works best for you.


Reinforce Security system with various biometric authenticators like Face, Finger and Palm Scanner.


AuthX mobile push notification eliminates the need to remember long passwords, saving you time and energy.


Use AuthX mobile app or hardware tokens to access your system with OTP or TOTP.


Log into applications with proximity methods like tap- and-go & BLE authentication anywhere in the enterprise.


Seamlessly track user and admin activities and get automated reports of audits and authentication logs.


Other than SaaS and on-premises connections, AuthX offers software, integrated external applications & APIs

Remote Access Management

The need for cloud storage among industries has increased since the pandemic. It also allows hackers to infiltrate servers and compromise user data. To avoid these occurrences, AuthX provides the following solutions to secure remote access.

Delegated Access Control

With the AuthX seamless admin portal, allow a specific group or an individual to access required resources.

Integrate with Multiple Applications

Customize your AuthX experience by linking accounts with external applications & specialized integration for organizations. Choose from popular solutions for point-of-sale, time tracking, E-commerce & more.

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Of confirmed breaches have been due to weak, stolen, or default passwords, according to Verizon. With AuthX we can help you avoid this, tune into AuthX now to live a stress-free passwordless life.

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