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Increase security while decreasing friction for users & admins.

Enable identity verification through a range of biometric & hardware modalities.

Leverage a scalable & easy-to-use solution that fits your authentication needs.

Eliminate the Password

Streamline your authentication process with AuthX’s end-to-end platform.

Whether you deploy it for an enterprise with thousands of users or just want to secure your own devices & applications, AuthX does it all.

Manage Your Digital Identity, Your Way

AuthX offers modular solutions so you can choose an authentication approach that works best for you.

Log into any application with AuthX’s ability to support multiple connection technologies.

Require multiple authentication factors for ultimate security.

Log in with biometrics for passwordless authentication.

Use the AuthX mobile app for traditional push authentication and biometrics on your device.

Log in with time-based codes via mobile app or hardware token.

Log into applications with proximity methods like tap- and-go & BLE authentication.

Track authentication activity across users, time, connected applications & more.

AuthX APIs make integrating secure authentication solutions a seamless process for improving security across any system.

Integrate with Hundreds of Apps

Customize your AuthX experience by linking accounts with external applications & specialized integration for organizations. Choose from popular solutions for point-of-sale, time tracking, E-commerce & more.

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We have worked with AuthX for a while and believe they are the premier platform with the best team in the space . Due to the compelling value proposition for our use cases, we utilize AuthX as an integral piece of our authentication strategies.
Phil Scott CEO of HBW
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