Multi-Factor Authentication, the best way to protect your organization. Mansoor Alam July 6, 2022

Multi-Factor Authentication, the best way to protect your organization.

Multi-factor Authentication | AuthX
5 benefits of using AuthX multi-factor authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication? 

In today’s world, most companies mandate their employees to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) systems. This is due to the fact that standard passwords are no longer safe. Hackers have improved their password cracking tools and sophisticated phishing attempts throughout time in order to acquire credentials and get unauthorized access to private user accounts. 

The technique of identifying an online user by confirming two or more credentials given by the user is known as multi-factor authentication. The MFA plays a crucial role, when it comes to information security. The fundamental advantage of multi-factor authentication is that it adds extra security levels and reduces the possibility of user identities being hacked. 

Learn more about multi-factor authentication, its benefits of using MFA and its various types.  

How does Multi-Factor Authentication work? 

Single sign-on (SSO): Single sign-on helps you with logging into multiple applications or websites with a single ID and password. Once the first login establishes the user’s identification, it can automatically log into the required applications. However, in order to enable SSO, a user must first execute MFA, which requires user to go through two or more verification steps. 

Adaptive MFA: MFA works on both cloud (remote servers) and on-premises (local servers) platforms. Due to hackers’ active behavior in cracking devices linked through cloud servers, every organization understands the risk of managing workstations over remote servers. With the help of MFA, companies can prevent unauthorized access on any servers and on any platforms.  

Identity and Access Management: The fundamental goal of identity and access management is to validate user and device identities and manage them throughout your organization. IAM uses multifactor authentication as a means of confirming user identification while also allowing them to access applications without hassle.  

What are the Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication 

1.Reduce Companies’ Costs  

Customer-facing applications or websites require a huge amount of time and money to build. MFA will boost employee productivity and make a huge number of users happy with your apps if you use it in your organization and on your product. Employees can focus on more sophisticated customer service issues since MFA prohibits illegal access activities. 

2. Reduce Cyberattack & Identity Theft  

Cyberattack and identity theft are reduced when Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is used, as it requires additional security measures that thieves are rare to access. Getting access to privileged information is no longer possible through cracking a simple password. It is more difficult for cybercriminals to hack into a system that requires more than two methods of identity verification.  

3. Simplify the Login Process  

Users can effortlessly login to any device with AuthX multifactor authentication by simply verifying their identity. Users no longer have to type long, complex passwords. AuthX offers an exciting new range of authentication factors from which users can select their preferred method to verify their identity. 

4. Enhances Security 

The most effective security measure for securing on-premises and cloud data is through multi-factor authentication. By integrating AuthX MFA with business applications, employees have 24/7 access to business applications while keeping the networks and data secure. 

5. Passwordless Authentication 

AuthX, the pioneers of identity and access management providers, offers passwordless authentication methods, which allow users to confirm their identity through a simple authentication procedure rather than typing long, tedious passwords. 

Types of Multifactor Authentication – AuthX

  1. Push authentication: This is a mobile authentication strategy in which the security system validates login by sending push notifications to your smartphone via the AuthX mobile app. You can validate every log-in attempt for your web accounts and desktop access with a single press. 
  2. Mobile Authentication: Receive an OTP either through SMS, Phone call, or via the AuthX mobile app to your registered mobile number, and perform safe authentication to your workstation. You can also enroll third-party authenticator codes in the AuthX mobile app for a more seamless login method. 
  3. Facial Recognition: Facial Recognition in AuthX compares a user’s face in the camera feed to a previously given picture which is stored in the database. Facial Recognition program approves the user with secure authentication to workstations after recognizing and evaluating the image. 
  4. Fingerprint: One cannot simply duplicate a person’s fingerprint. To analyze user identification, AuthX integrates with an external or internal fingerprint reader and securely allows user to their desire network.  
  5. OTP: Experience the best method to authenticate to your workstations using OTP with AuthX. By getting an OTP to your registered mobile number, you can validate your identity with one or more authentications method. 
  6. TOTP: Use AuthX mobile app to generate time-based OTP to validate user identity and gain access to your device. Hardware tokens can also be used to generate Time-based codes. Any entity who uses TOTP can experience easy and frictionless authentication.  
  7. Offline Mode: When your computer is offline and you don’t have access to the internet, AuthX Offline mode allows you to log in by scanning a QR code through AuthX mobile app. Users can gain secure access to the workstation in this way, even if their computer does not have an internet connection. 
  8. RFID: The classic authentication method using RFID tags remains one of the secure ways to authenticate yourself to a workstation within your organization. Tap-in & Tap-out using AuthX smart card and RFID reader for scanning purposes.  

Why AuthX 

Multifactor Authentication is the first step in securing your application. The most important thing most businesses can do to avoid cybersecurity issues are to implement multi-factor authentication. Investing in AuthX MFA solution is a great way to safeguard your data and resources against illegal access. MFA uses a variety of modules to authenticate, including biometrics, mobile, one-time passwords, and tokens. 

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