Streamline the log-in experience with Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) means frictionless access for everyone.

SSO user October 22, 2021
Reduce your team’s dependency on passwords

AuthX’s SSO provides members of your organization with frictionless & convenient access to data & systems – without the need to continuously enter log-in credentials.

Launch all your business apps from one place with the AuthX Portal for frictionless sign-in.

Supports multiple connection technologies including SAML, OpenID, & OAuth

These integrations enable painless deployment for your enterprise. With SCIM to handle auto-provisioning, the rollout is even easier.

AuthX ensures user identity when logging in & seamlessly connects the user to all integrated applications.

Secure, customizable workflows to cater to your organization’s needs

SSO offers account linking so you can simplify your processes. This can be implemented seamlessly into any log-in flow.