Streamline the log-in experience with Single Sign-On

One Login to multiple applications with great user experience, using AuthX Single Sign-On (SSO). Deploy AuthX using the best-in-class hybrid cloud approach for both local and on-premises environments.

SSO Ashwin Salunke April 14, 2022
Reduce your team’s dependency on passwords

AuthX’s SSO provides members of your organization with frictionless & convenient access to data & systems – without the need to continuously enter log-in credentials.

Launch all your business apps from one place with the AuthX Portal for frictionless sign-in.

One log in With AuthX SSO

The single sign-on authentication method allows users to access multiple applications using one credential, rather than having to memorize multiple, long passwords.

How AuthX works

Customize your authentication process with AuthX Single Sign-On for better results

All you need is One log in method to sign in to multiple web applications.

One authentication method eliminates the need to memorize long passwords.

Instant deployment to your enterprise with hundreds of apps ready for integration.

Gain access to local or cloud-based servers to streamline user experience.

Combining SSO and MFA ensures secure authentication & access to multiple applications.

AuthX Single Sign-On uses multiple open standard connection technologies such as SAML, OpenID, & OAuth

AuthX uses SAML for secure access to web application assessed by IDP (Identity Provider) and SP (Service provider).

OpenID enables you to sign in to multiple websites without creating new passwords by using an existing account.

OAuth is an open standard connection technology that uses a token-based authentication method for providing web services to the user.

AuthX System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) technology allows industries to manage user provisioning and rollouts easily.

How to improve productivity and save time with AuthX SSO
Minimal passwords to remember

An improved user experience is one of the most valuable advantages of AuthX SSO. By eliminating the need for repeated logins, customers can now enjoy a truly seamless and modern digital experience through biometrics, mobile authentication, etc.

Streamline the Signing in process

The SSO Single Sign-On is used to authenticate multiple web applications through a single authentication process. With AuthX SSO, you can choose your factors to authenticate with any web application integrated with the AuthX app.

Reduce the chances of Phishing

An effective SSO solution depends on cloud-based security system that includes MFA. Companies that do not use SSO may have hundreds of different credentials that are vulnerable to phishing attacks. Try SSO now in your enterprise for faster & safer authentication

Secure, customizable workflows to cater to your organization’s needs

SSO offers account linking, So you can simplify your processes. This can be implemented seamlessly into any log-in flow.

The flow chart depicting how AuthX SSO can simplify the log-in process

Frequently asked questions

AuthX Single Sign-On enables users to log into AuthX’s highly secured domain and automatically log in to other associated web apps and domains.

Multifactor authentication makes AuthX SSO a highly secure platform that cannot be compromised.

Login and authentication issues are drastically reduced when you have one set of credentials to manage, which means the IT administrator will spend less time dealing with them. Businesses benefit from this by saving time and money.

No, you don’t need to manually add users to your organization in AuthX SSO. You just need to make sure an account for your users exists in your IdP (Identity providers).

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IAM is a technology that verifies and controls access to digital resources by ensuring users' identities.

Workstation Security

Protect sensitive data & information from malware and unauthorized access by adding security to your workstation.

Multifactor authentication

MFA implementation will lead to enhanced security & ultimately lead to a stress-free user experience.