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Single Sign-On Ashwin Salunke October 26, 2023
AuthX Login

Limit Your Team's Reliance on Passwords

With AuthX SSO Solutions, You Only Need One Login

The single sign-on authentication method allows users to access multiple applications with a single credential rather than remembering multiple, long passwords. 

AuthX’s Implementation : 

Single sign on

Customize Your Authentication Process With AuthX Single Sign-On

To sign into multiple web applications, you only need one log in method.
One authentication method does away with the need to remember long passwords.

Hundreds of apps ready for integration are available for immediate deployment to your enterprise.

To improve the user experience, gain access to local or cloud-based servers.
SSO and MFA combined ensure secure authentication and access to multiple applications.
AuthX Single Sign-On Employs a Number of Open Standard Connections, including SAML, OpenID, and OAuth

How to Use AuthX Single Sign-On to Increase Productivity and Save Time

SSO Platform

Minimal Passwords to Memorize

One of the most valuable benefits of choosing AuthX as your SSO provider is improved user experience. Customers can now enjoy a truly seamless and modern digital experience by eliminating the need for repeated logins via biometrics, mobile authentication, and so on.

SSO software

Seamless Sign In Process

The SSO Single Sign-On authentication method is used to authenticate multiple web applications using a single authentication process. You can use AuthX SSO to authenticate with any web application that is integrated with the AuthX app.

SSO system

Reduce the Chances of Phishing

A cloud-based security system with MFA is required for an effective SSO service. Without SSO, businesses may have hundreds of different credentials that are vulnerable to phishing attacks. Try cloud-based SSO services in your organization right now for faster and safer authentication.

Workflows That Are Secure and Customizable to Meet the Needs of Your Organizations

Our secure single sign-on service allows you to link accounts, which simplifies your processes. This can be easily integrated into any log-in flow.


Frequently Asked Questions

AuthX Single Sign-On allows users to sign in to AuthX’s highly secure domain and then automatically log in to other associated web apps and domains.

AuthX SSO is a highly secure platform that cannot be compromised due to multifactor authentication.

SSO is a system that allows users to log in to multiple software platforms simultaneously without needing to log in to each one individually. This provides a seamless experience for users as well as IT professionals because it streamlines the login process while also providing security and preventing unauthorized access.

When you only have one set of credentials to manage, login and authentication issues are greatly reduced, which means the IT administrator spends less time dealing with them. Businesses benefit from this because it saves them time and money.

No, you do not need to manually add users to your AuthX SSO organization. You simply need to ensure that your users have accounts in your IdP. (Identity providers).

Additional Platform Features 


Identity Access Management

IAM is a technology that ensures users' identities and verifies and controls access to digital resources.

Workstation Security

By adding security to your workstation, you can protect sensitive data and information from malware and unauthorized access.

Multifactor authentication

With a single login credential, you can easily authenticate to multiple web applications.