Secure your Workstations
with AuthX

AuthX helps secure your workstation by offering the widest range of
authentication methods to ensure you & your workforce are protected.

Workforce Security user October 28, 2021
Access Your Workstation Seamlessly

Lock down your workstation with mobile 2FA, biometrics, RFID, & hardware tokens. Go beyond just 2FA with a passwordless combination of any factors & use MFA to enable a Zero Trust environment.

Using the leading face, finger, & palm technologies on the market, authenticate your workforce with their identity rather than easily compromised passwords.

With the AuthX mobile app, you can use push notifications to approve workstation login with a prompt or using mobile biometrics.

Tapping your badge or proximity card to the reader provides a simple solution to accessing your workstation & allows reuse of existing credential infrastructure.

Support for various hardware tokens, including Symantec & Yubikey, provides an easy way to secure your workstation without relying on a mobile device.

Check out how you can securely access your desktop or laptop with AuthX.
Embrace zero trust architecture for greater security

Implementing authentication methods such as mobile biometrics & hardware tokens allows for a more secure user authentication flow, working as part of a Zero Trust model that provides more overall workforce security.

Let your users go passwordless with ease

Using AuthX’s Mobile Enabled Desktop Access solution, remotely lock and unlock your workstation from the mobile app. Receive notifications if your workstation is unlocked and idle so you can secure it from afar.

Offline workstation access at your fingertips

If you are working offline, you can still use the AuthX mobile app to access your workstation. Just scan a QR code shown on your desktop & type in the one-time PIN displayed on your phone. It’s that simple to maintain security.