HLTH 2022 Conference shiva reddy November 14, 2022

A Successful Event to an end! HLTH2022 | AuthX

It was exciting meeting so many talented people at the event. And the support we received for AuthX was incredible. We met some really interesting people who talked about how the future of healthcare depends on authentication systems and how the healthcare industry must implement them in every hospital to prevent unauthorized authentication, hacks, and cyberattacks.
HLTH 2022 Conference

According to Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) , there are still many hospitals that do not have a strong authentication system in place. This is concerning because it does not provide enough security for the hospital and its patients. This could lead to data breaches and even identity theft. This is where AuthX comes in.

AuthX– Leading Authentication providers in Healthcare Industries

AuthX is a leading provider of Identity and Access Management solutions and offers services to healthcare organizations dedicated to being the innovators for immense, measurable, and security-driven healthcare enhancements. Our customers leverage the cloud-based authentication platform to secure their workstations and create a seamless login experience without having the trouble of typing in passwords manually. See the AuthX, Identity and Access Management Solutions.

AuthX isn’t just revolutionizing how our clients manage their workstations. We’re accelerating Multi-Factor Authentications (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) technology —so organizations can quickly integrate and offer vital services to safeguard health business and maintain the safety and security of patient and customer authentication.

AuthX Is Trusted By

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AuthX offers a complete portfolio of biometric security solutions that allow you to securely manage your business without sacrificing user experience or security. Our products are designed to be easy to use and cost-effective, so you can focus on your core business while we provide the tools needed to keep it safe.

Our Authentication factors include solutions like,

mobile auth


Push Notification for logins using a single press of a button.

finger bio

Biometric Authentication

Facial and Fingerprint Recognitions for safe authentications.

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One-Time Password (OTP)

OTP received our phones via SMS and phone calls.


Smart Card

RFID cards and readers are attached to our workstations.

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Offline authentication, when no internet is available.

We’re Revolutionizing Authentication systems.

Go Passwordless and Protect your organization, data, and resources from being stolen or hacked by implementing AuthX in their system. Data and resources can be protected from unauthorized access, and these actions will improve your company’s productivity and help you achieve the best financial growth.

Photos from the Event