OTPs delivered via mobile or hardware tokens

With AuthX multiple authenticators, OTP plays a key role in safeguarding workstation & securing user access.

OTP Ashwin Salunke April 14, 2022
Accomplish OTP Authentication via Multiple Ways

AuthX offers consumers the option of using one-time passwords (OTP) provided through SMS or voice call to authenticate. The AuthX mobile app maintains all of your OTPs in one place and supports generic Authenticator codes (TOTP) for added convenience.

OTP Authentication through SMS

With AuthX Mobile App, receive OTP passcode via SMS on your registered mobile number to access your workstation and applications securely. Authenticate seamlessly with mobile authentication and eliminate the need to memorize passwords.

Learn more about AuthX workstation security and how AuthX mobile app capabilities are utilized to improve user identity.

Optimize OTP via Phone Call

Use the Call option to access your workstation securely, where an automated voice will notify the user of the OTP and allow the user to access workstations and applications without any difficulties. Combining two or more authentication factors for strong credentials will help users improve their authentication systems.

Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP)

Every 30 seconds, a new TOTP is generated in the AuthX mobile app, where users can use it to verify identity and access their system securely. Accessing workstations through TOTP is faster, safer, and can work on existing user devices. Explore more about Mobile Authentication and how it is used to increase Workstation Security using multiple authentication factors.

Leverage secure hardware token

Hardware tokens provide far greater security than a written password. Log in with hardware tokens, a small device that generates OTP for secure authentication to workstation.

AuthX uses hardware tokens from Symantec and YubiKey to provide TOTP password authentication across your organization, protecting desktop access, and securing your employees.

Frequently asked questions

Every 30 seconds, the Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) will generate an OTP. After 30 seconds, a fresh OTP will be generated, allowing the user to authenticate securely.

With RFID smart cards, you can authenticate across your enterprise, to any computer or application. By registering your current badges, you can save money and reduce the impact on users by utilizing your existing credential infrastructure.

Yes, users can add more than 2 authentication factors for accessing their workstation.

Passcode allows you to enter into accounts even when your device is not connected to the internet.

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Offline Login

Authenticate via QR code when offline.