Experience effortless login with Multifactor Authentication

With AuthX Multifactor Authentication, you are choosing a secure solution with a user-friendly interface built to handle any complex data.

MFA shiva reddy February 2, 2022
Multi-Factor Authentication

Your first step towards securing your application is to use Multifactor Authentication. The MFA process involves verifying two or more digital identities of the user. To authenticate, MFA utilizes various modules, including biometrics, mobile, one-time passwords, and tokens.

Benefits of using AuthX MFA

Multiple ways to authenticate seamlessly

With AuthX, users have a range of options to choose from when it comes to signing in to their workstation – without ever needing to remember a password again.

These factors include Face ID, Fingerprint, RFID, Push Notification, SMS/Call and Offline Login.

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Choose from a range of authentication factors

Go the extra mile to secure your information with AuthX MFA via a variety of authentication factors.

With AuthX, only you can access to your workstation through unique biological characteristics.

Using AuthX Mobile app, generate 6-digit passcodes, send SMS codes, and receive automated push notifications.

Safeguard your data and information using One Time Password (OTP) received to your Smartphones.

A small hardware device which generates time-based codes to evaluate safe and secure authentication.

Goals and objectives of AuthX Multifactor authentication

Elevate your data privacy & safety by requiring multiple forms of identity verification using advanced authentication technology.

Analyze contextual factors to minimize threats

AuthX assesses different technical factors such as geographic location, connected networks & devices to verify user identity. By looking beyond just log-in credentials, your organization can mitigate the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

51% of breaches involved organized criminal groups, while
18% were conducted by state-affiliated actors.
*DBIR 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report, Verizon
Embrace the shift to passwordless login

With an industry-leading selection of authentication factors, AuthX multifactor authentication enables your workforce to move beyond the unreliable username & password methods used in the past and achieve passwordless authentication in the present.

81% of hacking-related breaches used stolen passwords and/or weak passwords*.
*DBIR 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report, Verizon
Seamlessly integrate MFA into existing systems & procedures

With a true hybrid cloud approach, AuthX brings MFA to on-prem & cloud apps, & can be deployed in both external platforms and internal processes. AuthX acts as a security bridge across your network with our connectors for various applications, workstation security, and remote access integrations.

Frictionless authentication experience between administration and user

Most organizations rely on the IT department to manage passwords, reset password reminders, and monitor all users’ workstations for security risks. With AuthX, you can easily create credentials for all users and assign them to a group or specific web application. By using this method, the user does not need to remember long passwords to access shared workstations.

Single Sign-On through Multifactor Authentication.

For authentication factors like Single Sign-On, where the user can access several web applications with just a single ID, Multifactor Authentication empowers the workstation with added security and provides the user seamless access to web applications and software.

Frequently asked questions

AuthX offers strong Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to fit your organization’s needs and leverage our robust APIs to extend security to any application or platform.

Users should be trained on obtaining, registering, and using at least one type of authentication to log in. Ensure that your support staff is prepared to implement verification methods, troubleshoot login problems, and generate temporary codes for users who lost their verification codes.

AuthX is an efficient and economical platform offering the best price in the authentication industry. AuthX offers multiple plans and subscriptions to meet the needs of small and large businesses.

Please raise the ticket using this link. Our 24/7 support team will resolve your queries.