How Hackers Find You a Target Megan Cox August 24, 2022

How Hackers Find You a Target


Technology is heavily used today. We always leave our own footprint wherever we go, whether we use our own technology at home, school, or work. It could be your own information or information and data gathered while browsing the web. We put ourselves at risk by implementing or entering data and information into any application or browser without thinking or knowing that with just one click of a button, someone could be on the other end stealing our information.

Cybercrime is not something in which individuals necessarily think about when they are using their devices. Within the most recent times in the United States statistics have shown that every 32 seconds a hacker attacks someone online, meaning that roughly around 2,244 attacks occur throughout each day.

5 most common types of cybercrimes:

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Phishing Scams

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Internet Fraud

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Online Intellectual Property Infringements

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Online Harassment

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Industries collect a wide range of information and data. Some information is open to the public, while others are confidential, secret, or even sensitive. It is critical to properly manage and risk assess this information so that you, as an individual or a business, do not become a target for cybercriminals or hackers.

Cybercriminals are people or groups who use technology to commit malicious acts on online systems and networks in order to steal confidential business information or personal data and profit. The primary goal of cybercriminals is financial gain, which they achieve by using a variety of methods to breach your system and or network, such as viruses and or malware.