Connectivity with Zero Trust

The AuthX Zero Trust Connectivity Framework protects your cloud and mobile network in any context.

Zero Trust Connectivity Ashwin Salunke July 4, 2022
keep the user safe in any environment, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

AuthX Zero Trust Connectivity

With AuthX, users can feel secure knowing that their network is protected. The AuthX Zero Trust links users, devices, and apps securely across any network, allowing safe digital transformation. Establishing a Zero-Trust architecture allows you to keep the user safe in any environment, including your data center and distributed hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

AuthX Zero Trust Policy

Increasing Organization’s Performance Internally and Externally.

It offers easy deployment to any industry network, and it provides complete security using context-based identification and policy enforcement. 

A secure connection is created between the user and the network, where direct connections to cloud apps are managed and optimized.

The AuthX Zero Trust policy secures application services and protects against cyberattacks in any contextual network environment. 
AuthX Zero Trust will give your company seamless access control over all user authentication and identities.

How AuthX Zero Trust works

Before creating trust in a user, the Zero Trust policy validates user identity using identity verification, authentication factors, and authorization policy through identity and access management. The AuthX Identity Platform is a safe, contemporary, adaptable IAM solution that balances access security, user experience, and risk management.
Create secure workforce compliance using various authentication Factors.

Integrating Multi-factor Authentication with Zero Trust

By incorporating biometrics, mobile authentication, and hardware tokens into a Zero Trust architecture, which ensures total workforce security, a more secure user authentication flow can be created. 

Using Adaptive Policy Structures to Protect Data

AuthX Zero Trust policies validate access requests and privileges depending on context, such as user identification, device, location, content type, and application being requested.  
Validate user identification, device, location, content type, and application being requested using AuthX Zero Trust.
AuthX Single Sign-On (SSO) authenticates users with the help of secured identity and service providers.

Single Sign-On Implemented with Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a security approach in which every device, user, and identity is continually identified and authenticated before being granted access to network programs and assets.   We offer free AuthX SSO to existing Zscaler customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

An effective Zero Trust solution inspects all networks, including encrypted traffic, in real time to prevent ransomware, malware, and more. 

AuthX Zero Trust exchange delivers quick, secure connections and allows the user to operate from anywhere on the corporate network enabled by the internet. 

Zero Trust is a framework built to encounter external and internal threats; Multi-Factor Authentication implements zero trust policy for additional security solutions.  

As part of a Zero Trust architecture that ensures total workforce security, it allows AuthX Workstation security factors such as biometric and hardware tokens to perform secure user authentication workflow.