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Modern Authentication & Identity for Law Enforcement

Enhance your law enforcement organization's CJIS compliance, security, and productivity with flexible MFA solutions—no phones required.

Secure & User-friendly Authentication

Law enforcement faces rising security threats and compliance demands. In 2023, ransomware attacks doubled, highlighting the need for robust security measures. These measures are essential to protecting systems and processes and ensuring data integrity and operations. AuthX offers tools for achieving this securely and efficiently.

CJIS-Compliant MFA Solutions

To meet CJIS compliance, implement MFA using two or more factors. AuthX offers a range of authentication modalities:
Achieve CJIS Compliance
CJIS Compliance Deadline: By October 1st, 2024, law enforcement must implement MFA with specified factors for CJI access. AuthX ensures CJIS compliance with minimal user disruption.
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Why Choose AuthX?

In law enforcement, where security is crucial, AuthX offers advanced authentication solutions designed to meet the sector’s unique needs. Our specialized No-Phone Authentication ensures secure access without relying on personal devices, essential for field operations where mobile phones may not be viable. With various authentication modalities, including Biometrics and Badge Tap & Go, AuthX provides versatile and secure access control solutions to enhance operational efficiency and data security in law enforcement settings.

Integrate with 3000+ Applications

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